We are one of the oldest and most consistently active community councils in the City of Seattle. Founded in 1924, our mission is to maintain a vigilant awareness of activities that affect the quality of life in Magnolia and to take appropriate action to promote and protect the interests of the community. The Magnolia Community Council (MCC) identifies and acts on these issues of concern by participating in the public process and by providing funding, management and/or labor for community projects.

Magnolia Community Council Board Officers

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Recording Secretary
  • treasurer
  • communications
  • past Co-presidents

Communications Officer

TBD - Current Volunteer: Aubrey Mandus

Resident of Magnolia for three years. Previously lived in California, New Mexico and Oregon. Experience working in marketing and communications for businesses in the Pacific Northwest for over 8 years. 

Web Master

Joe Villarino

Long time resident of 50+ years in Magnolia. He was born and raised in Magnolia at the Ft. Lawton Hospital which is now Discovery Park. He retired with over 30+ years with a background in Law Enforcement and Private Security Management. He is a US Army veteran with the 101st Airborne Division. He is now involved with Web Development, Mobile Application, Video Production and he has helped many non-profit organization and local businesses as a lead Generation Consultant in Magnolia. He is involved with the American Legion in Magnolia, Magnolia Queen Anne District Council, Magnolia Community Council, Magnolia Chamber of Commerce, The Seattle Fire Buff Society, Magnolia Summerfest, Magnolia Trail, Magnolia Manor Park, Friends of Discovery Park and the Seattle Smith Cove Park Project,

Magnolia Community Council Board of Trustees

  • Carol burton
  • Ben Broesamle
  • Bruce Carter
  • Steve Deforest
  • Jessica Gallegos
  • Christopher kirk
  • Michele Marchi
  • richard piacentini
  • cindy pierce
  • Michael Plunkett
  • bill stafford
  • Libby stevenson
  • Tom Tanner
  • Janis traven
  • rex wardlaw
  • thomas ysasi
Magnolia resident.

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